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A Full-Service Public Relations and Digital Services Agency
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816

Alternative – Clinics – Spas – Physical Therapy

The Clients/Patients in the markets YOU want!

All Practitioners May Qualify . . .

       But ONLY one per discipline is        approved in each market!!

   Market Exclusivity Guaranteed!

Best of all How we help
practitioners GROW!

An effective Healthcare Publicity and Digital
plan must be personalized for each practitioner:

  1. First and foremost – it should be affordable.
  2. Provides maximum media exposure like booking the doctor to appear on live television and radio talk show interviews, so the practice not only enjoys personal and powerful media exposure, but we keep those interviews coming up all over the internet in the entire practice market.
  3. Your Publicity and Media coverage is then automated and personalized online to effectively keep you and your practice coming up all over the internet without advertising, or other hidden or added costs.
    That’s why FranDigi personalizes all of our healthcare packages. We first save you a lot of money… AND then make sure your systems, forms and templates, and all essential components are personalized for you, built right into the system and automated. FranDigi clients enjoy maximized practice growth and never need to manage or hire a paid third party marketing director. After all, there are no hidden costs, nor is there room for trial and error for our FranDigi client’s medical practice.

Today practices, clinics, and even independents must have a results-driven online patient engagement system that is fully automated to make it easy for practitioners to ensure they gain and sustain a competitive advantage.

Time to stop wasting money?

We all know that in Healthcare, advertising is typically not a good idea for any practice!

However, if you’re using abundant publicity and great media exposure along with social, digital, and online technology and systems to create massive online exposure, along with some solid reputation enhancements, all customized with automated patient acquisition systems that continue to measure your tangible results, then you are off to a great start indeed.

A good practice media and marketing plan is much more than a pretty website indeed. It begins with great media coverage and a strong and powerful digital and online strategy that attracts new patients to your practice like a magnet…new patients that pay, stay and refer others.

We DO Guarantee “industry-specific” market exclusivity in all markets.  So, if you are ready to grow your practice and save a lot of money in the process…CONTACT US TODAY before your competition even finds out about us.

Is FranDigi© the best solution for you?   Contact us now before your competition even finds out about us!

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