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Toll-Free: 800-270-7816


Frequently Asked Questions

Franchisors – Business Owners – Healthcare Professionals

Have questions? Here you will find the answers to many of your questions about our services. For more information and personal assistance please complete the Request a Proposal formand we will contact you to set up a time to discuss your options.

How does your Guarantee work?

Please see this link: Guarantee

If I qualify for a special promotion, will my fee ever increase?

FranDigi© fees are locked in and guaranteed. Fees never increase for as long as your contract remains without interruption and is active.

What other charges or expenses are involved?

All FranDigi© contracts are all-inclusive so there will never be ANY fees added to your current contract for as long as it remains in current status without interruption. Additional services may be requested such as franchise offering videos, product videos, franchise brochures, franchise websites, and others. These are all under separate contract and also are guaranteed locked-in rates.

What do you mean by “industry specific exclusivity?”

All FranDigi© contracts guarantee client industry specific exclusivity in writing to guarantee we will not accept a competing client within a specific market as follows:
Small business and local franchisees (based on business type and exclusivity defined in contract by city, community or zip code(s)

National/international franchisors – guaranteed total industry-specific exclusivity
Once any industry has caught our attention, FranDigi will seek out that ONE great business client in that specialty that we can really get excited. If we contact YOU, that means we believe that YOURS is a business we can grow and turn into our next big success story!
We only accept one client in any industry category in any market because we all know there can never be two #1’s! Call us today to lock in your category and LOCK OUT your competition.
Once under contract, exclusivity is guaranteed throughout the term of the contract.

I am a franchisor. How can my franchise owners benefit?

Franchises may elect to use our FranDigi© services and normal campaign rates and require franchisor approval on all releases. However, FranDigi© franchisor clients may offer our services to existing and future franchisees in the following manner:
Franchisors may offer a full-blown grand opening publicity campaign for new AD’s, FDD’s, and franchise owners in the New Franchisee Start-Up Package.
Franchisor clients may offer our full and exclusive services at significantly discounted rates for ongoing publicity and digital services for all franchisees (paid through the Franchisee Ad Co-op). This program automatically blocks local competition in all active markets from our services.
Franchisees local full publicity/digital services are based on business type. Exclusivity is defined in contract by city, community or zip code(s).

I am a dentist/seminar speaker/consultant – Can I participate?

Absolutely! We have worked in these industries for years and love the “professionals” category - especially healthcare, insurance, real estate, investment brokers, consultants and professional speakers. The terms and conditions are the same as that of the B2B clients.

What is the term of my contract?

Your contract is initially a 3-month ongoing contract and may be terminated thereafter by giving a 3-months written notice. This is essential as most live interviews and media is booked out up to one year in advance. After 3-months, any remaining interviews are at the guaranteed low fee as outlined in your Agreement.

How much is the upfront retainer fee?

FranDigi does not charge a retainer fee. Your contract is paid in advance on a month-to-month basis.

I have reputation problems how can FranDigi help me?

Absolutely! FranDigi can discuss rates and include these services in your FranDigi Agreement, which may include the promotional contracts as well.

What happens if I sell or close my business?

By giving three (3) months advance written notice, FranDigi will terminate your contract. We require this because our IT and digital teams must remove or disable all tracking, SEO/GEO and other online digital and IT systems. Additionally, several members of your team (PR, researchers, outreach, SEO and journalists) receive substantial up-front bonuses and qualify for financial incentives – and are paid at the time the service is booked. We will personally cancel all further interviews and media coverage; however, our employees and providers are not expected to repay us for the money they received for these services and appointments.

How do I know if my market is still available?

Call us today, and block your industry-specific category before your competition even finds out about us!

I am a Physician. How do I qualify and block my competition?

Service providers such as physicians, consultants, professional speakers, authors, contractors, and others qualify the same as any business and the exclusivity applies – and blocks those in your market and industry within the territory.

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