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A Full-Service Public Relations and Digital Services Agency
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816

Local Business Owners, Franchisees
and Professional Service Providers . . .

Yes! You CAN Afford A PR Firm!



Affordable PR For Business

FranDigi is pleased and proud to announce that our exciting new local
and community publicity, digital and social media packages are now
available for small businesses, franchisees and healthcare professionals.

FranDigi© is the first and only affordable, full service public relations and digital services agency with an entire division assigned to help any local business experience massive growth NOW. And, these results are GUARANTEED!

Unfortunately, with tight budget restrictions, an extensive publicity, multimedia and digital campaign is not only too time-consuming but is cost prohibitive for most local businesses. Even the smaller independent PR firms that end to be a “one man show” and do only public relations typically charge $3,000 – $5,000+ a month with little real results, NO exclusivity and certainly no, guarantee of results! A few small firms maybe include a little digital with their PR.

Today, virtually all business owners need a better way to attract more customers – a more cost-

effective solution for them to gain recognition and grab market share. Savvy business owners also understand that it is more important now than ever to be recognized online as a respected business providing a valuable product or service to their community. And those same business owners need a way to get the word out with an appealing message and footprint , especially online. We all know that sending out a press release is no longer sufficient in today’s digital/social/online- focused world.

To make matters worse, most of the local PR firms often represent two or more clients in the same category of the same local market. How can you make TWO Italian restaurants in the same small community #1?! To avoid this, there is an increasing demand by the business community, wanting to fully capitalize on media coverage, along with better digital, social and online exposure in their local market(s).

When an industry-specific category is available, we will seek out and secure the most qualified business in each campaign market. For campaigns and promotions, we typically seek out active members of the Chamber of Commerce in each targeted city to participate.

Once in place, our media and digital teams ensure that each business is increasingly coming up all over the local news and media as well as everywhere online AND is enhanced with digital PR, and floating landing pages promoting their business. This ensures that they are able to build their exposure and rankings, and ensure they get rave reviews on business listing sites (and Yelp!), all while saving a LOT of money in the process!

Now even our smaller business clients can stop wasting time and money on ineffective advertising, or, offering coupons and discounts that do not attract the loyal, long-term customers or clients they want or need.

We offer amazing services to ensure our clients’ results are maximized. Just listen to this 5-minute audio that demonstrates our value to restaurant clients.

Services For Professionals & Individuals

Political Personalities – Consultants – Physicians and Healthcare – Seminar Speakers – and more

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