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A Full-Service Public Relations and Digital Services Agency
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816

Instantly Plug Into All Areas of Seasoned
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For Franchisors

What We Do

It’s no secret. Today, franchisors especially must stay at the forefront of their industry to compete. There is no one else in our industry that offers the scope of services we provide – all under one roof – designed specifically, and only, to help existing franchisors grow.

Since FranDigi© accepts only one client in each industry-specific franchise category, we first look for franchisor clients with a proven concept that want, and are prepared to, grow rapidly in order to ensure we are confident in their commitment to success.

If your franchise is ready to grow, and if you qualify, FranDigi© has many enhanced solutions to help you create solid, sustainable growth, or – if you’re ready – we offer even more amazing services to create explosive growth!


Our Objective

FranDigi© draws on a vast network of talent and franchise experience to fashion effective franchise public relations programs in the digital age. Our mission is to disrupt the traditional PR agency model and deliver documentable services for franchisors that add many proprietary digital advantages, reduce costs while increasing revenue, and will continue to provide long-lasting value.

Franchisor Services

FranDigi© Media Group can get a client on television, radio and live CEO blog interviews, as well as featured in magazines and newspapers such as Entrepreneur, Money, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and/or any number of trade journals and business publications. We accomplish these valuable services through our editors, journalists, and outreach media experts as well as by assigning as many as 6-10 various experts to properly promote and support each of our valued FranDigi© clients. We then document each client’s media, online, and digital exposure results and track your progress in real time documenting in their monthly report.

The secret of our success is the
clients we choose to represent.

FranDigi© specializes in creating progressive results and vigorous, sustained growth for Franchisors worldwide. Our franchise services are designed specifically to go FAR beyond the norm. We founded FranDigi© to offer a better way for all franchisors, from start-ups to global firms, to have access to the BEST in the following areas:

  • Public such as (news, feature stories, media tours, online and added digital enhancements)
  • Celebrity spokespersons and social events that are the talk of the town
  • Discovery Days and grand openings that won’t soon be forgotten
  • Event coordination that also supports franchisees and takes the pressure of off the franchisor
  • Brand awareness, exposure, and credibility
  • Crisis management and reputation repair
  • Media that is SEO/GEO optimized, added to clients’ landing pages, and uploaded to their website monthly

AND now our services include franchisee lead generation, candidate screening throughout the entire FDD process to the franchisor’s franchisee profile, and we will present you with highly-qualified buyers, with check in hand awaiting Franchisor approval!

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