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Toll-Free: 800-270-7816
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816

Our Guarantee


Client Service Guarantee

FranDigi© is the first and ONLY Professional PR Firm exclusive to the B2B and Franchising Industry to Quantify and GUARANTEE the Results of Our Monthly Services IN WRITING!

All FranDigi© Media Group clients are exclusive to their specific industry category, qualify for our lowest fee and may qualify for special promotion rates. We are committed to work together as a cohesive and dedicated team to help you grow your business, practice, or franchise as fast as realistically feasible. That’s why we are more than willing to back it up in writing.

Guarantee of Exclusivity! We offer all of our services at low rates, plus provide this written guarantee of exclusivity. That means FranDigi© will never accept another client in your industry and in your market for as long as you remain our active client.,

Additionally, if FranDigi© fails to meet the media exposure levels in any given month (or within the guaranteed time-frame if sales) after the first 60-days and thereafter, as stated in your proposal…and we also guarantee in your Agreement . . .

Your entire next months’ Publicity Services are always…

FranDigi© guarantee lowest rates! That’s right, FranDigi© guarantees all of the above, plus, we guarantee that we do not charge the typical PR Services Management Fee.

For all clients currently FranDigi© also guarantees that we will never raise your rates for as long as you remain an uninterrupted active client in our program.

FranDigi© also guarantees there are no additional service charges, upcharges, or hidden fees in any form whatsoever, unless by request, and under separate document pre-approved by client.

NO PR and/or digital firm ANYWHERE will give you a written guarantee of results in your contract! We do that…Once accepted into our program in your market and/or category…

You immediately become . . . OUR #1 Priority Client . . .

and, it shows in everything that we do. GUARANTEED!

There is a reason no one else will give you a guarantee in writing as FranDigi© does. In fact, we guarantee that also. If you have a better offer in writing for the identical services you wish to be provided by FranDigi© also in writing, then we will beat that price! GUARANTEED!

Take the FranDigi© Challenge:

If you currently have a PR firm, ask them for their written guarantee of results. Also ask them if they can provide all of the services in your promotion or regular package at a rate even close to what we charge. It is most likely vague or does not even exist.

No one else in the entire PR and Digital offers such great services and are willing to back it up with a written Guarantee of RESULTS like this!
Contact us NOW! Before your competition even finds out about us!


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