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Toll-Free: 800-270-7816
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816

Affordable Healthcare Marketing. . . That WORKS!


Affordable Healthcare Marketing
  That WORKS! 

Our track record in healthcare speaks for itself.  
Do you want more patients that stay pay and refer       others…

FranDigi© will soon become the reason savvy practitioners are adding more clients, building a great online reputation and saving a ton of money in the process. And, they accomplish this easily while staying innovative and on top of the latest technology.

Best of all, as a FranDigi “category exclusive” client, practitioners accomplish this seamlessly with zero learning curve. And, they do this without the need to invest in expensive client acquisition software that requires someone to create content and manage, yet, typically providesmarginal (if any) real results. 

No more, disrupting staff, needing to hire IT, full-time social
and  blog support, and/or many other technology professionals.

Over the years, the FranDigi team has directly and indirectly worked with doctors and others in healthcare.  We were extremely successful in helping practitioners in gaining massive exposure in the media and online to assist them in growing their practices. In fact, for several years, we never lost a single practitioner client during this process. Although quite successful, we learned a lot during that time. Yes…our healthcare public relations were incredibly successful for all of the practitioners during this campaign. (And, we have some great testimonials from many practitioners to document this.)

Save Money & Attract More Patients

Here’s good news for you! With advancements in technology and the strong support of our clients, we have created and enhanced our custom software, systems, technology and processes just for health practitioners. FranDigi is now prepared to launch the FranDigi Client Exclusive Campaigns at those incredibly affordable rates for our carefully selected practitioner’s in cities and communities across the U.S.  
FranDigi© accepts only one healthcare practitioner in any market per each industry specific client category.  Because of this, we make every effort to approve clients with a great practice or health related business we’d love to promote. We seek out those practitioners that want, and are prepared to grow rapidly, to ensure we are totally confident in their success and our ability to improve substantially on their revenues, ratings, rankings and reviews. After all, once enrolled, you have virtually blocked your industry-specific competition in your entire market from participation at any level. 
That’s right, if a practitioner is approved in ANY market as a FranDigi client, they immediately block out all of their competition. And, they retain that exclusivity for as long as they remain a FranDigi client they will continue to block all practitioners in their category from becoming a FranDigi Client at any level. (If, they enroll before their competition even finds out about us and the upcoming campaign.) 

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