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Toll-Free: 800-270-7816

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Due to our professional franchise industry teams’ success and results over the years FranDigi©clients are clearly positioned to explode their franchise sales first from our massive media, digital and online coverage.

FranDigi© positions and prepares our franchising clients for rapid, structured and sustained expansion. Our approach is designed specifically to help franchisors substantially enhance the value of their organization.  New franchise owners and stakeholders understandably expect to see the franchise they have selected is coming up in the news and enjoying rapid expansion.

Franchise Lead Generation – Candidate Qualifying and Screening to Profile Services...

Often, franchisors use an in-house franchise director; or, they retain franchise brokers that handle hundreds of clients that produce only a small number of franchises for you each month.  Most growth-minded franchisors tell us they want faster growth and typically have less money to spend.

  1. Save Money:  We have a high level of expertise on the FranDigi© franchise sales and development team. This amazing team boasts over a Century in various areas of franchising, with vast experience and expertise in all facets of franchising.  Such as, Franchise Ownership; Franchise Business Development; Franchise Public Relations, Event Promotion, Lead Generation, Franchisee Training; Franchisee Grand Openings, PR & Digital Packages; Virtual Tours & Discovery Days; plus Franchisee Screening, sales and more. Best of all, there is no need for AdWords, PPC or ads on franchise portals; etc.  This now offers a much more aggressive, yet, a more cost-effective approach for franchisors really wanting to grow their franchise sales faster. 
  2. Save Time – Grow Faster: Many FranDigi© Franchising clients tell us they have been placing expensive ads on the franchise portals, Google AdWords, and PPC and typically have a franchise director on staff. Their challenge is typically getting a lot of unqualified leads and tire-kickers. They say it has become extremely expensive to pay for leads and then need to sort through hundreds (or even thousands) of those leads just to find a few legitimate and qualified buyers for their franchise. (And we all know the franchisee screening; qualifying, disclosure process, tours and/or discovery days can be all-consuming.) And, who is taking care of your company owned stores, your franchisees, expanding your training, approving locations, monitoring compliance, etc?Franchisors often tell us the barrage of incoming calls from non-qualified candidates, tours, and meetings with attorneys; all takes time away from the needs from managing their showcase business model(s). Or, they tell us that their franchise sales director or brokers, even when no salary or fee is involved, may not be closing enough sales even with all that amazing exposure.
  3. We heard you… our key franchise sales and marketing executives have rolled up their sleeves devoting several years to develop, refine and bring our professional and proprietary franchise sales lead generation, screening and qualifying services to our program. (And, these amazing services come with a written guarantee of sales and are made available exclusively to our clients with no retainer, or, added upfront fee.) 
  4. Increase Your Franchise Sales significantly:  FranDigi© has an amazing team of senior franchise development experts that are skilled and trained at screening out and qualifying only the best candidates for our growth-minded franchising clients. Now, with no large advertising budget or retainer fee, as our client we can handle all of the franchisee lead generation and screening processes for you. A highly qualified franchise sale executive, or often, a team of sales executives, is assigned to your account to handle the screening, qualifying, and disclosure process.  This team will handle all of the lead generation, screening, qualifying, disclosure, and/or discovery day tours. You just interview the candidate, approve the contract, deposit their check and start their training.

This exciting new comprehensive business model to grow your franchise is available only to our exclusive Franchise PR clients ready to seriously build their franchise sales. Those prepared to take full advantage our remarkable media, digital, and online coverage, and professional sales services. Best of all, there are no upfront retainers, no advertising costs, no broker fees or in-house salaries; no need for AdWords, PPC or franchise portals; etc.  We only get paid a commission for the disclosed, screened and qualified franchisees we send to you, and, that you approve.

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