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Toll-Free: 800-270-7816

International Partners - Expansion

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International - Going Global?

We have resources and contacts that can help you expand your franchise to over 30 international markets. Please contact our international department at global@frandigi.com with your market of interest and details and we will arrange a teleconference appointment to discuss your options with you.

International Partners

FranDigi© Media Group currently partners with a select number of highly respected companies that offer value-added products and services for our clients. In addition, we are always looking to form new partnerships with individuals and companies such as:

  • Franchise development firms
  • Intellectual property lawyers
  • Mergers and acquisitions agencies
  • Public relations agencies in Europe or Asia

International Partnership Network. Although the majority of our clients are in the US, we have represented a number of international clients over the years. In particular, we have helped quite a few European companies establish a presence in the US and helped American companies (primarily franchisors) expand into international markets.

In order to do this, we are expanding our network of partner PR agencies and franchise sales affiliations throughout Europe and Asia.

International Resources

  • All media sources
  • SEO specialists
  • Strategic marketing and sales consultants
  • Venture capital groups
  • Video production and editing firms
  • Web and graphic designers
  • Franchise development firms
  • Franchise Broker networks
  • Other businesses, and groups

The ideal partner candidate is a firm or individual that can offer high-quality products or services to our target customer base, which consists primarily of Franchising firms in the U.S. and abroad.Partner candidates must not compete with FranDigi© Media Group or any of our current or future franchise PR and marketing services.

If you would like to learn more about partnering with FranDigi© Media Group, please contact us.


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