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A Full-Service Public Relations and Digital Services Agency
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816

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Rapid business and/or franchise growth and expansion in the face of the unexpected!

This is the year for business growth! When you’re ready to turn a great concept into the next BIG thing, let FranDigi© help make it happen! Ready to enjoy pure momentum with the help of great publicity and innovative technology accelerators that provides powerful support to start-ups and growth-minded entrepreneurs? FranDigi© is the ideal solution to turn your great business into the next business success story that is the envy of everyone in your community, across the U.S., and beyond!

FranDigi© is a full-service public relations and digital services agency. That means we use every possible venue, from live radio and television talk show interviews to feature stories in magazines and newspapers, we add in a mix of amazing technology, floating landing pages, online media outlet promotions, and innovative digital approaches to maximize your results and exposure. We do this for one thing only, and that is to . . .

Get you and your business noticed! And then, to KEEP you and your products, services (or even franchise opportunities), in the public eye in a positive and most appealing way.

The communication world’s challenges are getting more complex. FranDigi© is a leader in monetization and customer experience solutions. We make your hardest digital- and technology-based publicity and marketing decisions simpler and quicker. That’s how we ensure you can compete – and win – in the today’s incredibly complex business environments! Remember, all FranDigi© clients enjoy industry-specific exclusivity, customized business publicity, proprietary online digital enhancements, floating landing pages and other amazing technology – all to get you where you have always known you should be.

Best of all when your unique business and/or professional desires are moving you forward, you can focus on what matters most – running a successful and thriving business!

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Let FranDigi© help you become the one that gets the exposure, closes the deals, and helps you and your business become immensely successful. Best of all, no need for expensive advertising, Google AdWords, “Pay Per Click”, or trying to figure out the latest greatest technology that likely will become obsolete before you can figure it all out! You can plug into any of FranDigi’s promotional packages at extremely low rates and – if you’re a franchisor – there’s never a broker retainer!

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Professional Service Providers . . . You’re the Star!

  • Businesses – Restaurants
  • Franchisors – Franchisees
  • Physicians – Healthcare Providers – Hospitals
  • Motivational (and other) Speakers – Consultants
  • Virtual Businesses – Independent Businesses
  • Special Events and more!


We also specialize in creating amazing publicity and media coverage, as well as massive online exposure and results, for healthcare professional’s hospitals, and medical equipment providers as well as private schools, churches, and civic organizations.

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What Our Clients Say

“I wanted to send you a letter of gratitude for the outstanding work your PR team of journalists and publicists have done on our behalf during our initial 3 weeks of retaining your firm. We especially appreciate the “hustle” by our personal media coach “ Shay” in preparation for the Houston TX “Franchise Expo”. With your assistance, we were able to secure the interview with Kevin Price (Bloomberg News affiliate) and the Houston Biz Journal. Both were good solid interviews, and the UTUBE video link from the great Houston Chronicle “Price of Business” interview was over the top. As you know, we have forecasted to award a minimum of 10 Area Developers in the U.S. Market during 2014, and with this good start… and your help were are confident our sales forecasts can easily be met.”
Attachment image #9749
Robert J, COO - National Franchisor – TN
“Wow! What an amazing Grand Opening celebration you created for my Area Development Franchise. In just a few weeks your team arranged for City Fathers, (including the Mayor) prominent business owners, celebrities, local dignitaries, with lots of media coverage and even a media press conference at the Area Chamber for this mega event. What a great way to launch my Area Franchise. Already have several great investors asking about multiple franchises in my Master Area.”
Attachment image #9750
Alex B - Area Developer KY
“We are amazed at the remarkable mix of community based publicity, social media and SEO you continue to accomplish for my medical practice! We are finally attracting our target client base. In addition to the great PR, we really appreciate the floating landing pages that keep us in front of our patients and community in such a positive way. I can’t thank your team enough for their hard work, dedication and most of all the impressive results achieved so quickly for our wellness center and medical practice.”
Attachment image #9751
− Dr. David D - MD IN
“I appreciate all your help and patience as I am new to professional PR and in working with the media. FranDigi’s online and personal coaching and taking the time to show me the ropes before I ever stepped in front of a camera saved me from making serious mistakes in working with the media! Now this is fun, exciting and I am surprised at how quickly I’ve become confident when doing a live interview. Your training in working with those tough journalists was spot-on! They are now giving me more coverage than anyone else when I do an interview…The live BLOG interviews are also getting fantastic results! This sure beats all the money I’ve wasted on advertising, coupons, and banner ads! Thanks to all of you for helping me enjoy such impressive results for my restaurant franchise and for getting me moving forward so quickly.”
Attachment image #9085
− Tao H. - Asian Restaurant Owner, CA

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