May 21, 2022

Preliminary Agreement

Virtual Client Acquisition Qualifying Program

Rapid Career Advancement Program

Positions and Compensation Options

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Two initial positions are available in Client Acquisition: Official Start Date is:

  1. Client Acquisition (CA) Appointment Setter:
    1. Great Part-Time Pay: Hourly Base Pay + Bonus: (Based on 25 hours actual phone time per week): Over 6+ Apts. a day HOLD:* Base Pay is $24 per hr. x 25 hrs. = $600 wk+ $150 bonus on Sales* 10 x $150 = $1,500 + $600 BP = $2,100 wk. $105,000 yr. (50 Wks.)

      4-5 Apts. a day HOLD:* Base Pay is $20 per hr. x 25 hrs. = $500 wk.+ $100 Bonus on Sales* 7 x $100 = $700 + $500BP = $1,200 wk. $60,000 yr. (50 Wks.)

      3-4 Apts. a day HOLD:* Base Pay is $16 per hr. x 25 hrs. = $400 wk.+ $50 Bonus on Sales. 5 x $50 = $250 + $400BP = $650 wk. $32,500 yr. (50 Wks.)

      1-2 Apts. a day HOLD:* Base Pay is $10 per hr. x 25 hrs. = $250 wk. Not Bonus Qualified

      Less than 1 apt per day that holds $20 per appointment. Considered Contracted - No BP (Averaged over the pay period)

      * “Hold” means the candidate actually was prepared and accepts the call even if NO sale results. Assume approximately 1 sale out of 3 appointments will close. Larger packages compensated accordingly.

  2. Client Acquisition (CA) Director (commissioned closers):
  3. If you are a proven closer, our commissions are extremely lucrative. We pay $400 commission per sale of the $1,995 package and $250 per sale of the $1, 595 package ($150 and $125, respectively, when assisted by a corporate CA closer during your initial training period). In addition, CA receives a monthly client renewal residual of $100 or $50 (respectively) per client, per month, for every month the client renews. (The residual overrides accrue for as long as you remain active with FD.)

    This position (#2) is also used as a qualifier for more rapidly promoting those qualified into top salaried, Corporate Positions. (Within 1-2 Months)

Select Your Position and Compensation

Here is where you will qualify for a more permanent corporate position with FranDigi. As a new hire, you must choose one of the options below for your compensation. Since we provide an initial generous accelerated compensation system for closers, the structure you select cannot be changed during your first 6 months.

  •   CA Appointment Setter
  • (NOTE: This position is ongoing; you qualify for career advancement at 6 months.)

    Select compensation option (see descriptions for each option above):

  •   CA Director
  • Select compensation option (see descriptions for each option above):

We have an amazing program that appeals to virtually all businesses. If presented properly, they will see it is something they want, need, can afford, and will benefit from tremendously.


  •   I understand and agree that FranDigi pays twice/month
    1. The 1st – 15th is paid on the 20th of the month.
    2. The 16th – end of the month is paid on the 5th of the following month.

  •   I would like to be paid via the following method:
    1.   Direct Deposit (no fee)
    2.   PayPal – friends and family (no fee)

  •   I would like to be considered for a higher base pay and lower commission override based on my first 6 months' track record (2 week qualifier required).
  • OR

  •   I would like to be considered for a Client Acquisition (CA) Executive position based on my personal track record and my desire to build, lead, manage, and receive overrides from a high-performance sales team.

  •   I understand that I am required to work a documented 4 hours/day x 5 days/week (averaged over the week) to participate at the full compensation levels outlined above.

  •   I understand that I may elect to revise my compensation package only after 6 months at the initial level selected above.

  •   I understand that I should contact Human Resources (HR) at before starting my calls if I have any questions regarding my desired compensation.

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