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A Full-Service Public Relations
and Digital Services Agency
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A Vast Network of Talent & Industry Expertise!

What We Do . . .

The answer is simple…We first, hand select each client . . . those we feel that have the greatest potential for success and are ready to grow now. Then, we use every PR, digital, social and online resource imaginable to get them noticed and to always ensure they stay one step ahead of their competition!

FranDigi Brings a Vast Network of Talent and Industry Expertise!

From the smallest business, professional services
provider, or, an International Franchisor . . .


How We Do It . . .

Now, if you’re ready to grow, and if you qualify, FranDigi© has many solutions to help you establish solid, sustainable growth, or… create explosive growth! There is no one else in our industry that offers the scope of services we provide (all under one roof at amazingly affordable rates) specifically and only to help existing businesses and franchisors grow.

FranDigi© draws on a vast network of talent, expertise, and experience to fashion creative, effective public relations programs in the digital age. Our mission is to disrupt the traditional PR agency model and deliver documentable services for our selected clients that will have bottom line impact and long-lasting value.

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