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A Full-Service Public Relations
and Digital Services Agency
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816
Toll-Free: 800-270-7816

New York Agency Services Without the Price!

The Right Publicity Can Help You . . .

Easily Attract More Customers or Clients That . . .
Spend More, Stay Longer and Refer Others!

FranDigi Media Group is a National Public Relations and Digital Services Agency that offers a wide spectrum of innovative services specifically to franchising firms as well as to local businesses and franchisees wanting to gain more exposure and grow more rapidly. Our unique approach and services help our clients save money on advertising and the need to become a PR, digital marketing or social media promoting expert. FranDigi’s’ services are designed to help each client get more exposure in the media and online and free up more of their time and money to focus more on growing and expanding their business.

As opposed to business owners trying to find the “cheapest person for the job” we handle booking and orchestrating all the media coverage and online and digital work. This helps our clients save time and money while increasing their bottom line. We also guarantee “industry-specific,” market exclusivity for all FranDigi clients with a written guarantee of tangible results.

Every feature of FranDigi© is integrated, so you won’t waste time with hard to learn technology that won’t communicate with you. In fact, as our Client, we almost totally manage all of the marketing and social technology as part of our services.  Best of ALL our custom components are automated, modular, and work together to maximize your exposure and measure your business impact.

Finally!  A full-service Publicity and Digital PR firm
that my franchise Practice, or small business can afford

Let us help you use the power of publicity, digital and the internet to grow your sales. That’s right…we help you gain more exposure, attract more customers, increase your transaction sizes, grow your repeat sale frequency, while improving your referral rate and lifetime customer value.  AND…we save you a LOT of money in the process!

Stay One Step Ahead!

We all know the communication world’s challenges are getting more complex for business. FranDigi© can instantly thrust any business into the Digital age and make your hardest decisions simpler and shorter! FranDigi© is a leader in monetization and customer experience solutions. That’s how we ensure you can compete and win in the most complex environments imaginable!

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A Full-Service Public Relations and Digital Services Agency

A Whole New Approach!


Attract more clients and customers that Pay, Stay and Refer!

Guaranteed Exclusively!

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A Whole New Approach

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